CBT – Thinking Creatively

These resources are from appendices in the book CBT: Thinking Creatively. They are not copyrighted. Please feel free to use or adapt them as you wish. Click on the link to open them. If they do not automatically open they may have downloaded as a file in the download box in the top right corner of this page – the one with the downward pointing arrow.

Chapter 5 The First Stage of Therapy Appendix – Jean’s Plan

Chapter 6 Therapeutic Change Appendix – Final Booklet for Jean

Chapter 7 Adapting Therapy Appendix 1 – Anger diary

Chapter 7 Adapting Therapy Appendix 2 – Calm Plan

Chapter 8 Group work Appendix – Goal Setting and Review

Chapter 11 Making a Real Difference Appendix The MAnualised Group Intervention Check (MAGIC)