Top Tips

Top tips for using the Tools for Talking:

1) Plan:

  • Watch the video to familiarise yourself with the topic
  • Read the instructions for support workers
  • Prepare the materials
  • Think about how to capture the preferences expressed by the service user during the activity (not all the preferences will be captured on the worksheets and posters)
  • Think about how you will end the activity and how you will act on what was discussed during the activity.

2) Do:

  • Watch the video with a service user
  • Complete the activity with the service user
  • Encourage discussion and reflection – ask the service user to explain their choices and describe what is important to them
  • Collaboratively identify areas for development and discuss how to achieve goals
  • Use the planning worksheet to help develop and record any plans.

3) Act:

  • Think about what you have learned
  • Plan how you might respond to areas identified for development
  • Plan a follow-up to review progress
  • Plan a follow-up to review changes in preferences.

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